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Through healing, building, and educating, Servant Harts exists to provide high quality care to malnourished babies and pregnant women in and around San Lorenzo, El Tejar. We desire for every woman who enters within the walls of the clinic to know that they are loved by their Heavenly Father and He wants a relationship with them.
Give a donation
Give a donation
Every dollar given through Servant Harts will go straight to providing exemplary care to the babies and women. Financial integrity matters to us and we want you to know it will be spent where you want it to be - on the families in our program.
Sponsor a Baby
Sponsor a Baby
We desire for each baby in the program to have an individual sponsor devoted to praying for them and financially supporting the care they receive through the program at $60/month.
Pray for us
Pray for us
We knew that if God was calling us to be obedient, we couldn’t go into it without being all in. Please continue to pray for us as we live out what God has called us to do.


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Through healing, building and education, Servant Harts are serving malnourished babies and their families in San Lorenzo, El Tejar Guatemala. Every dollar given will go straight to sharing the hope of Jesus through high quality healthcare and ensuring the babies in their program can grow up in a safe and healthy home.

About Us


Jason and Kelly Hart, along with their two young daughters, moved to Guatemala to serve as full-time missionaries in June of 2019. Jason had served as a children’s minister prior to becoming a stay-at-home dad and hobby woodworker while Kelly worked as a physician assistant in pediatrics. Through a vision trip in September 2018, God revealed to them His call on their lives to start a ministry for malnourished infants. San Lorenzo, El Tejar became the home to their ministry and through the year of 2020 God’s faithfulness showed out as He provided their current ministry center and expanded the vision to caring for pregnant moms to prevent malnourishment.

These moms and babies have received high quality care for the first time in their lives through partnerships with an obstetrician and a pediatrician both from Guatemala. As members of the program, each family is gifted a water filter and a clean air stove if needed to benefit the overall health of the entire family. Each home is inspected for safety and dryness as 6 months of the year it is rainy season. If needed, repairs are done or a new home constructed. Most importantly, they are receiving weekly Bible study and hearing the Good News of the Gospel. Discipleship and relationships are at the heart of the ministry.

Babies have graduated the program
babies currently in the program
Pregnant moms currently in the program
Pregnant moms have graduated the program
kitchens built
houses built
clean air stoves given
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80% of kids under 5 are malnourished and over 25% of registered deaths are from infant mortality. Servant Harts provides high quality care to to severely malnourished infants and pregnant moms in San Lorenzo El Tejar through partnerships with Guatemalan doctors. Each family receives a water filter to help in the prevent of parasites and bacterial infections leading to malnourishment.


Every family is deserving a safe, dry home to reside. House construction consists of a partial block wall completed by top-notch corrugated metal and concrete floor that will last for over 25 years. A kitchen is attached to every home and includes a clean-air stove to reduce the risk of smoke inhalation by all.


Throughout their time in the program, each mom receives regular classes that provide education in regards to pregnancy, delivery, lactation, and caring for children medically, developmentally and emotionally. Education is often taken for granted and we want to prepare these moms on how they can provide the best care for their selves and their children.


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Servant Harts are serving San Lorenzo, El Tejar Guatemala. Contact address 273 Riley way Elizabethtown, KY 42701

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